Sensei Luca Pace

Sensei Luca Pace, full time instructor, grading examiner and referee, was born in Potenza, Italy in 1983.

Luca started learning Karate from the age of 11 years old. He developed his passion and received his black belt at the age of 18. At the same time, Luca started training for the Italian National Championships.
Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Luca took a break from Karate. Thankfully, Luca recovered and returned to Karate.
In 2010, he moved to the UK and started training and teaching Karate.

From his experience, Luca is able to motivate his students to be resilient, persevere and overcome obstacles and challenges.

Luca is a motivational and effective educator who understands the importance for students to learn physical and mental skills for their confidence. He is passionate about physical education, healthy living and self-development.

Luca’s communication and people skills makes him an effective instructor. He communicates in a way that anyone can understand and has the ability to change his teaching methods to match the age and skills of the students.

From Luca’s own personal experience, he strongly believes that Karate is a great way to improve character development skills and self-confidence.